At kaivalya we practice and teach the Vinyasa style of yoga. Vinyasa—meaning “breath-synchronized movement”—covers a broad range of yoga classes made up of postures that flow from one to another through active breathing. The teacher will instruct you to move from one pose to the next on an inhale or an exhale. This technique is sometimes also called Vinyasa Flow, or just Flow because of the smooth way that the poses run together and become like a dance. Emphasis is on generating “prana,” or energy, as well as heat in order to flush the system of toxins and improve mental clarity and the integration of mind, body, and breath.

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Please note that doors will be locked shortly after the class start time for 8:00am and 3:30pm classes. This is to protect our customers' valuables, as there is no receptionist working at these times.

Yoga Class Schedule

Please note that Kaivalya will not hold classes that overlap UW Badger home football games.
Travel and parking in and around UW Campus is difficult for both instructors and our Mad Yogis.
So please enjoy the games, and Go Badgers!

Pricing Information

Yoga classes are offered in class packs or as memberships. Please visit our online store for complete pricing information.

Yoga Class Descriptions

Yoga 101 Workshops

All skill levels

Held every two weeks, these free workshops are perfect for everyone, from beginners looking for an introduction to the fundamentals of yoga practice, to advanced yogis and yoginis who simply want to brush up on the basics. See the Special Events schedule for more information.

Mad Yogi Flow


A more flowing pace to the class, while still providing thorough instruction and attention to detail; recommended for beginners wishing to challenge themselves a little bit more. If you’re not quite feeling up to our Power Flow class, this is a great alternative as it is still quite demanding... the perfect pace for many of our Mad Yogi's out there!

Power Flow


More vigorous and challenging classes taught in a flow-style, inter-linking poses through a series of movements. Power Flow Yoga is a fast-paced class with poses that encourage alignment, flexibility, balance, strength, and cardiovascular endurance. Towels recommended!

Power Happy Hour


This fast-paced Power Flow class provides a much healthier alternative to the traditional Madison happy hour. Practice yoga in front of our 20 foot windows and watch the madness of happy hour unfold across the street. You’ll thank yourself in the morning.

Hot Power Flow

Heated Vinyasa Yoga

We crank up the heat for this classic vinyasa flow class taught in the Baptiste style. Be sure to bring a towel and drink plenty of water during during this class... temps get up over 100°!

Hot Detox Yoga

Bikram Style

Alex brings you a heated yoga class taught in the Bikram style. Similar to the Hot Power Flow, the room is kept very warm but not uncomfortably hot or humid. Classes last 90 minutes.

Power Sculpt

Core Power Style

Power Sculpt provides an all-body workout through the use of free weights and yoga poses. Although rooted in Sun salutations and other yoga postures, this course is much different from our other expert classes because it incorporates a fusion of high-energy aerobic sequences. You’ll push yourself to new limits and enjoy a fast-paced, upbeat workout along the way.

Ashtanga Flow


The Ashtanga Full Primary Series serves as the foundation for Ashtanga Flow class; it begins with a series of sun salutations, moves into a standing series and a seated series, and concludes with a relaxing finishing series. The class incorporates the philosophy of yoga, tying it into the physical practice, and is filled with plenty of vinyasas to increase the physical challenge!

Mandala Flow

Intense Vinyasa

Students each bring his or her uniqueness to the circle of Mandala Vinyasa Flow, while also unifying and connecting around our inherent commonalities. This high intensity class is influenced by Shiva Rea’s Prana Vinyassa Flow. It taps into your inner fluidity and emphasizes full body movement. Be prepared to move your body in new and beautiful ways! This class is not appropriate for people with serious health issues or injury, but still utilizes the levels leading up to the final expression of a pose. This class is great for burning fat, increasing mobility, improving circulation, and self-expression!

Vinyasa Nights


We turn off the overhead lights for this class, but it is no slow flow. Similar to our other vinyasa classes in style, the low-lit yoga floor creates an atmosphere that encourages you to focus inward as you move through your flow.

Private Instruction

60 or 90 minute

Private instruction is perfect for yogis of any skill level. Whether you are looking for one-on-one attention or would like to focus on a specific injury, we've got you covered. By appointment only.

Yoga Parties

Personalized instruction and extras

Tailor a private yoga party for any occassion! We can accomodate most schedules and will go the extra mile to make your visit special. Call (608) 237-2770 or email for details and pricing information.