Alex Pfeiffer
Alex's website (Madison, WI)

Since yoga & bodywork certification in 2004, Alex has gained a reputation as one of Madison's most reliable experts in bio-mechanics and usage of yoga for therapeutic healing. While his 5 yoga & bodywork certifications reflect his strong commitment to the science of yoga and its healing forms, expect a class that is more like song and poetic exploration that like rote mechanics. "The human soul is not meant to technique" he says, "but to Dance." His teaching focuses on alignment, breath, action, & attitude for full human detoxification: physically, mentally, & emotionally. The result is a class to push your spiritual edge from struggle to ease; from intensity to peace; and from madness to clarity. "Life is a wild ride" he says, "you never know what's just around the corner. All we can do is discover the parts of ourselves we never knew were there - and then: Blossom."

Director of Teacher Training
As the director of Kaivalya's yoga teacher training program, Alex designs a training that synthesizes a cutting edge understanding of the human body with its correlate of action and meaning in the world. He brings together a team of some of the best teachers in Wisconsin to distill yoga's creative core for teachers to be. "Whether we study yoga as a science or an art," he says, "it all flows from a creative core. And when our energy flows from that core to all domains... we are unstoppable, happy, and free."
Amy Kruger

Amy was introduced to yoga in the late 1970’s. In 1992 she began a regular practice while pregnant with her first child and credits yoga for allowing her to teach aerobic dance into the last trimester of both her pregnancies. Her personal practice has taken her on a journey through many styles of Hatha yoga. Currently her passion is learning to tap into the body’s amazing physical and mental strength through the practice of Ashtanga yoga. She is working on her Ashtanga certification with David Turner and is strongly influenced by the teachings of David Swenson. Aside from yoga, Amy practices and performs with a local dance troupe. She holds a Master’s degree in Adult Education, is a certified massage therapist and a certified group fitness instructor.
Cassie Weiss

Cassie took her first yoga class at the age of 14 in Boulder, Colorado while vising her aunt. She was instantly attracted to the amount of strength and endurance needed for this type of physical activity. Growing up with an active lifestyle Cassie learned to appreciate the positive impact that yoga had on her body and discovered an immediate connection with yoga on a physical, mental, and spiritual level. While in college she began practicing yoga on a daily basis. Cassie received her yoga sculpt teacher certification from CorePower Yoga in Minneapolis in the spring of 2011. In addition to having a profound interest in yoga, Cassie is currently pursuing a Pilates Teacher Certification via the Midwest Pilates Institute, with graduation in spring of 2013. Cassie hopes to inspire students through a moving mediation on the mat and is very grateful to coexist with her students in this beautiful journey we call life!
Hally Marlino
Yoga Beast

Hally received her teacher training at CorePower Yoga, Chicago. She has a BA in Theatre Performance and held a Specialist rank in the U.S. Army.
Her teaching is based in the powerful, sensual, freestyle vinyasa yoga she loves to practice. As a curious student of yoga and life, Hally has compassion for each beginner and every seasoned practitioner who walks into her class. She strives to provide a nurturing environment for you to deepen and explore your yoga practice. Expect her classes to be empowering, irreverent and musically driven. Hally is a regular contributor to the internationally popular You can also find her here.
Jacqueline Schumacher

My yoga journey began while attending undergrad at the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities. I started taking classes at Core Power Yoga and it was there that I fell in love with this practice. It was transformational and I quickly learned that yoga was unique and something I could take beyond the physical practice on the mat and extend it into my day to day life. After my first yoga class I became an avid practitioner and a few years later decided I wanted to pass this gift of yoga onto others and complete my Yoga Alliance 200 hour certification through Core Power Yoga to become a teacher.
Yoga provides me with balance, open mindedness and self-awareness and constantly provides insight to the way I live my life. I am so grateful for the amazing teachers I have been blessed to practice with and continue to learn from.
My goal as a teacher is to provide a physically challenging practice while cultivating an inner peace in our bodies which can be lived out in our daily lives. Yoga has humbled me and brought so much light into my life and my hope is that I can transfer this to those I teach.
Jules Wolf Stenzel
Wolf Yoga and Pilates (Madison, WI)

Jules’ wonderful life has led her from being a kid in Chicago, to chef in San Francisco, to outdoor educator in the Santa Cruz mountains foothills to Yoga/Pilates instructor in the wilds of Madison. Along with biking, dancing, hiking, running, and swimming, Jules has been doing yoga off and on since third grade. After the birth of her two daughters, she knew she’d better have a daily practice to stay healthy. Certified in Yoga in 2005, Jules also became certified in the Pilates method in 2009. Her Pilates Power Flow class will incorporate Pilates power moves into her Vinyasa flowing sequences, expanding your core and lung power. In addition to teaching, Jules is a dancer, runner, hiker, poet, and mother of two amazing girls.
Katie Copouls

Katie initially tried yoga as a means to tolerate a chronic back injury. Within days of her first practice, she was pain-free and empowered in a way like never before. Through her yogic journey she has truly experienced a lightening of mind, body, and soul. Inspired to share this goodness with others, she completed CorePower Yoga’s 200-Hour Power Yoga Teacher Training in Minneapolis. Above all, she wishes to dissipate yoga’s aura of mystery and make it accessible to all. Expect her to offer options in her classes, so students of any level can succeed and have a good time. She strives to balance yin and yang in her classes by energizing the body in a soothing atmosphere. The asanas, or postures, will link with breath in a natural and meditative way. Katie agrees with David Life when he says, "You are yoga, but you forgot."
Laura Phelan

Laura first began practicing yoga in 2004 to improve balance and strength and was instantly hooked. After maintaining a regular practice, Laura decided she wanted to share the limitless benefits of yoga through teaching. She attended Baron Baptiste’s Level I Teacher Training Bootcamp in August of 2009 in the Catskills of New York. Laura teaches classes that are accessible, yet challenging, to people of all fitness and flexibility levels. Her class combines the classic principals of yoga with a light hearted, modern day twist that encourages students to explore and cultivate their practice in a way that works for them.
Laurel Franklin

Laurel originally started doing Yoga through a class offered at UW Madison to manage lower back pain from two slipped discs. The doctor's told her she could do nothing and needed physical therapy and most likely surgery. After two months of doing yoga twice a week, she no longer had any back pain! Laurel continued her practice on her own in nature, complimenting jogging as a meditative strength enhancing cool down, and was inspired by the mental and physical strength as well as the confidence and peace of mind it brought her. She is currently completing her 200hr. yoga teacher training with Alex Pfeiffer at Kaivalya, and it is rocking her world. Her focus is a flowing Vinyasa style with specific intentions of helping others become more strong, happy, confident, and connected with nature, others, and themselves. Yoga, to her, is a tool to live life deeply, and to get what you want out of it. It is about fully expressing oneself and filling up your human space, taking charge in this busy world that we inhabbit, and most importantly to get in touch with what is beautiful and true! All levels of exsperience are welcome, please come and share this ancient wisdom!
Meghan Doherty

Meghan began her yoga journey on a recommendation from her doctor. She stepped on a yoga mat hoping to pacify her migraines and quickly found the means to a healthier, happier, and truer self. After those first down dogs she realized the empowering effect of her practice and decided to delve deeper into yoga. After spending five months traveling around India and trying the various styles offered, she stayed in an Ashram in Kerala and focused on her practice of asana and meditation. It was there that she realized she wanted to teach.

Meghan is a RYT 200 with a passion to share the beautiful journey of Vinyasa Flow Yoga. Her style combines an upbeat and playful flow with a gentle emphasis on meditation and self reflection. She loves to see her students explore and have fun on their mats since she feels that everything from advanced adventure poses to child’s pose is an experience worth having.
Molly Maloney

Originally from San Francisco, Molly turned to yoga to help heal athletic injuries and bring alignment to her body. Over the past three years Molly grew to understand the depth of healing available in a yogic practice. Inspired to share the mental and physical health benefits of yoga with others she returned to San Francisco, California to receive her certification.
She is trained in Vinyassa style, with Iyengar Alignment, 200-hr certification by YogaGarden, SF. Molly began by teaching children’s yoga classes in San Francisco.
She has also taught yoga at a non-profit organization in Temixco, Mexico and enjoys working individually with injured and recovering athletes; using the breath and asanas to help heal physical and emotional traumas endured by the body. Yoga possess the grace and power to help dissolve the stresses, manifestations and emotions that become stagnated in our bodies. She hopes to share the healing of a healthy yogic practice with her community.
Rachel Seurer

Rachel, a teacher trainee since 2011 through Kaivalya's 200 hour certification program is thrilled to have the opportunity to share her passion yoga with the Madison community. Rachel has studied under and assisted in both Yoga and Pilates classes. She has assisted in yoga classes at Blackbird Family Yoga Studio, Perennial Yoga Studio's Children's Yoga Camp and at Kaivalya Yoga Studio. Her classes use techniques from a variety of disciplines including Vinyasa, Iyngar Pilates, Bikram, and Acro Yoga. A yogini of nine years, Rachel hopes to continue to use her personal practice to grow as a teacher. She emphasizes safe alignment to provide challenging classes that take both beginners and advanced practioners to unleash their full potential. Although Rachel came to yoga as a purely physical practice after fracturing her lumbar spine from her competitive figure skating career, today she uses yoga as a revitalizing practice for the mind and spirit. She is incredibly grateful to both her mentors and students who continue to challenge her enjoy the present moment and to translate her practice off of the mat and into the challenges of everyday life.
Susan Cosgrove

Susan began practicing yoga in 2002 as a means of balancing both body and mind. She practiced many different styles of yoga in Pennsylvania before finding her home in the Baptiste style when she moved to Madison in 2009. She began her teacher training with Baron Baptiste at Level 1 Teacher Training Bootcamp in the Catskills in August 2010, and later attended The Art of Assisting with Baptiste master teachers Paige Elenson and Gregor Singleton in Denver in 2011. Having completed Level 2 with Baron in September 2011, she is now pursuing certification as a Baptiste teacher. Susan views her own practice as a foundation for her entire life, a means of getting and staying grounded, and a way to tune in to her mind and body. Her classes connect body and breath in a playful yet challenging way—you’ll amaze yourself!

Andrea Keapproth
Resolution Massage

Andrea is a graduate of Lakeside School of Massage Therapy in Madison, Wisconsin. After becoming certified she went on to complete an Associate’s Degree in Massage Therapy. She is a Wisconsin state Certified Massage Therapist and a member of Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals (ABMP). From her studies she practices various modalities including; Trigger Point Therapy, Orthopedic massage, Lotus Hands, and Connective tissue massage. Her intention is to assist her clients in their awareness of natural healing brought about through a tailored, therapeutic massage.
Christina Thompson

Christina is a graduate of Blue Sky School of Professional Massage and Therapeutic Bodywork. She is certified by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork and licensed by the State of Wisconsin. Christina is also certified in Reiki levels I and II. Having worked with a chiropractor in a private setting, she holds experience in therapeutic, lymphatic, neuromuscular therapy, and cranial sacral massage. In addition, she has volunteered for the Veterans Administration Creative Arts Festival, providing on-site chair massage and hand/back massage to veterans. Christina is committed to helping her clients through therapeutic massage and energy work. By addressing clients individual needs, she helps to ease muscle tension, pain, headaches, reduces stress and provides a balanced massage experience.
Sarah Valiquette

Sarah graduated from Lakeside School of Massage Therapy in Madison. Since her graduation in 2007 she has continued to train and developed her skills in therapeutic and relaxation massage specifically in Swedish, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point, Connective Tissue, Sports, Chair, Prenatal, and Hot Stone Massage. Her complimentary therapy skills include hydro-therapy and various stretching techniques. Sarah is a Nationally Certified and WI State Licensed Massage Therapist and Bodyworker. She is also a professional member of American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA) upholding the highest standards of practice. Sarah believes the potential of human touch is endless and that massage therapy plays a vital role in ones regular self-care. Her approach is gentle but firm, with a therapeutic touch. She will take the time to pay close attention with her eyes, ears, and hands to tailor each session to your specific needs.
Wendy Wilbur

Wendy Wilbur is a graduate of Lakeside School of Massage Therapy in Madison, Wisconsin. She completed her original certificate program here in Madison and went on to earn her Associates Degree in Massage Therapy as part of the first graduating ADMT class in the state of Wisconsin. During her ADMT program she completed a research project on the effects of massage therapy as a complimentary treatment to substance abuse treatment. Her other studies have included Myofascial Release, Trigger Point therapy, Lotus Hands, Chinese medical massage and focused on clinical site-specific work and the treatment of common overuse conditions.
To accommodate the needs of each individual she draws from many modalities of massage, as well as her previous experience as a personal trainer and background as a Reiki practitioner, to create a unique session for each client. Wendy is a Wisconsin State Certified Massage Therapist and a professional member of the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA).